Find Out How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

Wondering when is the best time or how often should you change your Mattress? Many people believe the false promise most manufacturers make and use a single mattress for a lifetime. This is not right. No matter what guarantee you get for the mattress; remember that there is no such thing as a foam mattress that will work for a lifelong period. Mattresses always come with a limited lifespan and therefore, it becomes imperative to start going through best mattress reviews from scratch and to find a replacement for the existing mattress till the time is right. People usually are unable to decide when the time is right to change the mattress. In this article, we talk about when is the perfect time to make the replacement.

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

Is it time to Change Your Mattress

Decide the best time to change your mattress no matter how good it looks!

Looks can be deceiving and this is true for mattress as well. We all really care for the mattress and keep it clean as we have to sleep on it every day. Thus, we end up really questioning why we ever need to change it. After all we all think that since the mattress is actually maintained with a proper bed sheet and spread, it is good to go for as long as possible. However, cleaning the mattress maintains it well from the exterior. The inner system of the mattress can still damage and break over time. The adverse impact can be on your night’s sleep and rest period.

How to decide the best time to change your mattress?

If you want to make sure that you change the mattress on the right time, you need to recognize the signs that indicate towards it as well. The following are some obvious signs that indicate that your mattress needs replacing without any further delay.

  1. You don’t feel well-rested enough
    If you are waking up feeling tired, worn out or fatigued, then you mattress is not doing its job right. Going to bed means you should rise active and alert. If you have no health problem and still don’t feel fresh when you wake up, take action.
  2. Mattress appears to be sagging
    The mattress can start sagging over time. The best way to visibly check for defects is to observe if there are any gaps in the mattress body or lumps over it.
  3. It doesn’t feel comfortable any longer
    The sign of a good mattress is that you enjoy your time in bed. If its not comfortable enough and you prefer rather sleeping on the couch or floor, there is a serious problem that you need to tackle.
  4. Too long since you bought the mattress
    Mattresses come with a limited lifespan and therefore, you need to keep track of the time. The average lifespan of mattresses is 8 to 10 years and you should start planning to change it after this long.
  5. The mattress creeks and squeaks
    Most obvious sign of a mattress that needs replacement is the one that creeks, squeaks and makes weird sounds if you sit or lie down on it. Your partner might even start complaining about the weird sounds the mattress makes.

Get a new mattress now!

Are you still unsure what the best time change your mattress is or still confused about how often should you change your Mattress, know that despite of many reasons, you really don’t need one to replace the existing one.Recognize the signs to get a new one as the truth is that a brand new mattress is not only going to improve your sleep quality but will make you enjoy the comforts of life as well. The quality of your life will drastically boost; all thanks to a mattress. Therefore, do no wait before changing your mattress; the investment is definitely going to be worth it.

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