Guide To Best Platform Beds: Everything you need to know!

Best Platform Beds Guide: Ever since life first appeared on earth, there have been constant modifications that are being made over time to improve the quality of life for mankind. Platform beds are a recent revolution to the traditional styles of bedding. Platform beds have modified over the years as well as far as the style, designs and features are concerned. The biggest highlight of a platform bed is the fact that it is lower heightened. This not only looks chic and modern but is also helpful to make the room look bigger and add space to the interior room setting.

Over the past many years, platform beds have emerged as a popular choice for people because of the supreme comfort and style that it has to offer. There is nothing that modern people can like more than a bed that comes in simple style and maximum comfort and durability.Just like the way you need a Mattress Guide to find out the best ones in the market, here we have it for you in case you are looking for a little motivation to invest in platform beds!

Platform Beds Guide

Best Platform Beds

Platform beds Come in different Sizes according to needs

Just like any normal bedding, the platform beds also come in a variety of different sizes. The purpose of having varying sizes is simply to cater to the varying needs of the people according to mattress sizes. Let’s take a look at the size options you will have if you plan to buy a platform bed anytime soon.

  • The twin bed is the smallest platform bed that you can get. This bed normally comes with a length of 75 inches and width of 39 inches. This serves well for a single average sized person. Twin platform bed mattresses are readily available as well.
  • The next size of platform bed you can get is the double bed. This comes in modest measurements of 75 inches by 54 inches. This bed is ideal for a couple or two people sharing a single mattress. The mattress for double platform bed is easily available in the markets as well.
  • Queen platform bed is the first exclusive size that is manufactured to offer 60 by 80 inches dimensions. If you like living life of royalty, this is added space mattress bed is the perfect one for you.
  • King size platform bed is an exclusive, superior quality and custom made platform bed. This bed is made on customized orders and measures to be 76 by 80 inches in dimensions. Moreover, the mattress of this customized bed is also prepared on custom orders.

Why should you get a Platform Bed?

If you are also planning to invest in a platform bed, no surprises! This bed has gradually become a major popular choice of users and you should not be left out from investing in one as well. The following are all the reason why you should invest in a platform bed without thinking twice.

  1. Modern Addition
    It is the perfect modern addition to your home. Platform beds are made to fit into furnished rooms and add beauty to the settings.
  2. Easy setup
    Since the platform beds come with minimal structure, it requires minimal support to setup as well. It is fairly easy and does not consume time to setup a platform bed.
  3. Lightweight and portable
    The one thing that you should know before a guide to platform bed wraps up is that these beds are supremely lightweight. Hence, you will find it very easy to move them around from one place to another because of the added portability it offers.
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