Guide To Mattress Firmness: All that you should know!

Mattress Firmness Guide: Since mattresses are such a popular product, they are also purchased a lot. Buying mattresses, however,is no easy task and require to take several factors into consideration. There are hundreds of different styles and designs of mattresses that are available these days for people to invest in. Selecting mattress that suits your needs best is not easy to do and you will have to think about so many things. However, out of the several things that you should be thinking about before making the final purchase, there is one thing that is the most important of them all – mattress firmness. The firmness of the mattress is actually the determinant of how soft or hard your bed. People have varying preferences when it comes to the firmness of their bed.

Mattress Firmness and Support

Mattress Firmness and Support Guide

Mattress firmness: Acknowledge difference between firmness & support

Before we jump into discussing how to determine what firmness is best for you; you should first understand that basic difference between firmness of mattress and support. Firmness is actually the utmost formation of the bed and is the part that comes in direct contact with our body. The support, on the other hand, is the middle and lower parts of mattresses. Firmness and support of a mattress are interlinked to one another. However, when you are meant to talk about only the firmness of the bed; remember that by this we mean how the bed feels to you i.e. rock hard, mediocre or soft.

What needs to be considered while checking mattress firmness?

The best guide to determine the firmness of your mattress is by taking several sub-components into consideration.Always choose the best type of mattress that will suite your comfort needs. It is important to remember that mattress firmness just like an overall bed is purely a subjective choice of people. No two people will have the same preferences. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to all the little details that define mattress firmness.

  1. Spinal support
    The spine inside the human body is designed to provide support to the body to maintain a body posture and position. The human body maintains its balance and posture with the help of spinal cord while standing. However, once you lie down and the body relaxes; the mattress is the only support your body has. If the support is not good enough, you are most likely to wake up feeling exhausted and physically drained.
  2. Sleeping positions
    The firmness of the mattress is highly dependent on the sleeping position as well. People who sleep on their sides should opt for softer mattresses. Stomach sleepers will find comfort on rock hard foam surface whilst back sleepers will be peaceful on a medium level firmness.
  3. Body weight
    No guide to mattress firmness can be complete without talking about this important factor – the body weight. The human body weight plays a very crucial role in deciding what level of firmness will suit the body type best. You can ask the manufacturer for help to pick out a firmness level in accordance to your body-mass-index. This is the only way to ensure you get your hands on a mattress that has firmness level good enough to cater to your physical needs and provide maximum comfort. For instance, consider a person who is very fat and overweight. A soft mattress will not be ideal for such a person because he will most likely sink into the mattress because of his excess body weight.
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