How To Deep Clean and Disinfect A Mattress

Effective ways on how to clean a mattress: The one thing that is used by at least 96 percent of the total world’s population is a mattress. Buying a reliable mattress is the determinant of a good night’s sleep. But that’s not all for a regular sound sleep. Since mattresses are used to sleep on and rest every single day by people it means they need occasional cleaning as well. After all, the mattress absorbs all dust particles, filth, stains, sweat and even the dead cells of our skin! Whilst most of us think that changing the bed covers and sheets is enough to keep our bed clean, this is only half the truth. The other half truth is that you need to clean that mattress every now and then as well if you want to ensure that you sleep on a truly clean mattress that is not only providing your comfort but assuring safe health for you as well. In this article, we explore effective ways to clean a mattress and not only the sheets that spread over it!

How To Deep Clean A Mattress

Disinfect and Deep Clean A Mattress

How to clean a mattress: Explore the options

Before you start worrying about how you can remove the stubborn stains and dust particles from the mattress; explore your options. There are countless mattress cleaning ways available on the internet that actually works to keep the mattress clean and neat. Moreover, a well-kept mattress will also have a longer life cycle.

Top effective ways to Deep Clean a Mattress

Here are some of the top most effective ways that will help you to easily clean your mattress. The good news is that these ways actually work no matter how sticky or stubborn the stains or sweat patches over the mattress are!

  1. Using a vacuum
    Vacuum works effectively to pull out all dust particles out of the mattress with a full force. Using a vacuum on the mattress is one of the easiest and quickest ways of cleaning it.
  2. Washing with soap and detergents
    Mattresses are large in size and not easy to wash. However, if you divide the mattress into portions and clean each portion with a mix of soap or detergents, the results will be great.
  3. Application of lemon and salt paste
    Lemon is acidic in nature and works amazingly to pull out all deep stains and dust particles from the pores of mattress fibers. Hence, the best home remedy to clean mattress is to apply a past of lemon and salt over the affected part.
  4. Occasional exposure to the sunlight
    Sunlight and the UV rays generated from it is 100% effective to kill all the bacteria and harmful agents that can get into the mattress along with dust and cause a number of skin problems.
  5. Cleaning sprays
    Just like dry shampoos, there are cleaning sprays that are available in the markets these days. These cleaning sprays work to bring immediate visible results to the mattress and leaves behind a wonderful fragrance. So the next time something spills over the mattress and you don’t have time to wash the entire thing, just spray it quickly instead of leaving the stain to become permanent in its place.

Final Thoughts: Pick the best way to clean!

After going through all the above mentioned effective ways, you won’t be overwhelmed that next time your husband ask you that how to clean a mattress.This will also Protect and Increase the Lifespan of the mattress. However, the best way to obtain effective results is to pick the method that suits you best and appears to be easiest for you.

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