Guide to Mattress Recycling: Is it a good idea?

Is Mattress Recycling a good idea? Planning to get a new mattress? Well, that is good but what do you intend to do with the old one? Throw it away? You should try doing something more useful with it such giving it away for recycling and bring it into some other use.

How to Recycle a Mattress

Mattress Recycling Guide

Effective Mattress recycling: Use of mattress components

Experts claim that if a mattress is deconstructed, almost 80 to 90 percent of its materials can be recycled.

  • Foam can be used for making cushions, travel pads and also is a source of fuel.
  • Fibers in the mattress can be re-used for insulation and filter purposes.
  • Metal spring coils can be melted down to be molded into other useful shapes.

Benefits of mattress recycling

Tons of trash and waste is generated every single year all around the world. If all this waste does not decompose or is not recycled; it will bring severe harm to the environment and human health as well. Mattresses are large in size and therefore, when thrown away as waste it is only understandable that they will take up a lot of space. Here is a list of some prominent benefits that will come your way if you opt for mattress recycling instead of just throwing it way to sit there for years.

  1. Re-used
    The first major benefit of recycling old mattresses is that the components present in it that can be re-used will be put to use. This, of course, is only possible if the person gives away his mattress with this particular intention.
  2. No space occupying
    Another big problem that comes with mattress disposal is that since it is so big in size, it takes up a lot of space. Moreover, most of the materials that are part of the mattress body are non-decomposable. Hence, a thrown away mattress is likely to sit there, occupying space for as long as imaginable. Recycling will save the space!
  3. Prevention of life
    A lot of artificial processes are used to shape the mattress and give it form. Once you throw it away, the chemicals start leaking out into the soil, drains and sewage and begin harming life on earth. Recycling this product will help to prevent life.

Other options instead of Mattress recycling

With help of the guide to mattress recycling, you will be pretty clear about how important it is to recycle the old mattresses instead of throwing them away to pollute the surroundings. However, there are many cities and areas that still do not have a reliable recycling facility to take care of the disposed of mattress on people’s behalf. If you live in a place where recycling an old mattress will not be easy, here are some other options to bring the worn out mattress to use.

  • You can re-sell the old mattress by cleaning it up a little and sanitizing it. There are still so many people who cannot afford a new mattress and will be more than happy to take an old one home that doesn’t cost much.
  • Donating the old mattress is another great idea. You can donate your old mattress to charities, social welfare organizations and government municipalities instead of throwing it away.
  • Another smart use of old mattresses can be by turning them into smaller cushions and pillows to use around the house.
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