How To Store A Mattress Long term Without Damaging It

As difficult as you might find it to wrap your head around it; your mattress is in a constant relationship with you. How? You spend more than 1/3rd part of every day with it! This is certainly a relationship to invest in and take care of well. If maintained well, the mattress can actually be used for a long time.

How To Store A Mattress

How To Store A Mattress Long term

Why it is important to store a mattress?

We all have different reasons to get a mattress and protect it. However, there are few obvious reasons why you should be concerned about storing the mattress so that no damage or harm comes to it.

  • Mattresses are expensive these days. With so many different types and designs, it is understandable that the mattress prices are sky high. It is, therefore, important to maintain and protect the mattress.
  • Mattress storage if not done properly will cause damage to the mattress.That will also make a problem in case you are going to sell your used mattress to get a new one.
  • All mattresses come with a long-term warranty; almost up to 10 years. This means that you need to store the mattress for a long time and prevent it from all harm.
  • You are meant to be comfortable and get physical as well as mental peace on your bed. Make sure you keep it well so that it is able to do its job right.

Tips to follow while storing the mattress for long term without damaging it:

Storing mattresses and preventing them from all signs of visible damage is so important. There are several useful tips that can help you store and maintain the mattress in good shape for a long time period.

  1. Don’t store mattress in damp places
    If you are not using the mattress, you most likely will have to store it and the most common place for people to do so is in that garage or basement. However, both these places are exposed to a lot of moisture and damp places are not ideal storage for mattresses. Dampness actually encourages fungal growth within the foam.
  2. Wrap it up well
    A key to store the mattress for long term use is to wrap it up well. Make sure that you pack it up in polyethene plastic and tape it well so that no insect or dust can affect the outer surface of the mattress.
  3. Look for mattress covers
    The best way to ensure that the mattress is stored well, in the long run, is by buying a mattress cover for it. A standard, good quality mattress cover will cost around 20 to 30 US dollars. However, this cover is purely intended to protect the foam mattress from further damage and allow the mattress to breathe as well.
  4. Clean it
    The key to mattress maintenance and storage is to clean it every now and then. The mattress needs to be vacuumed regularly. This is the easiest way to eliminate all dust particles from the mattress foam. Moreover, you can use synthesize soaps or detergents to remove stains immediately. It is better to clean it on aregular basis because it is difficult to wash of older stains.

Final Words:

It is definitely important that you follow our guide to store a mattress without damaging it if you wish to use your bed in the long run. After all, mattresses are something you spend a lot of time with. Make sure that the time spent on the bed is worthy enough.

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