Latex VS Memory Foam Mattress – Complete Overview

When choosing a quality mattress to buy, there are several things that you might need to consider at the time for instance, durability, price and type etc. However, the fundamental part of any mattress is the foam. In fact, the foam to a mattress is much similar to icing to cake – incomplete without it! When we talk about foam these days; the categorization of foam is unbelievable. You find different types of foam trending these days, designed to cater to the varying needs of people. The biggest competition is however between the two most popular types of foams; latex and memory. In this article, we overview both different types in detail and highlight all basics that every buyer should know about these foams.

Latex VS Memory Foam Mattress

Latex VS Memory Foam Mattress – Complete Overview

Latex VS Memory Foam Mattress

1: The latex foam

Let’s start with talking about the latex foam. It is further sub-categorized into synthetic and natural latex. Both types of latex are actively incorporated to form mattresses these days.

  • Synthetic Latex Foam
    The synthetic latex is artificially manufactured by combination of oils, rubber portion and added chemical preservatives. The purpose of synthetic latex foam is to provide added durability and support to the user. However, this artificially synthesized foam increases the risk of several health problems in its users including cancer, obesity and infertility. Moreover, synthetic latex is harmful for direct contact with the skin as well.
  • Natural Latex Foam
    Natural latex is the healthier amongst the two categories of latex foams available these days. This type of latex is made out of rubber tree sap and molded into smoother liquid by using physic laws. This latex comprises of 99.9 percent natural rubber. This is worthier latex of choice for users that are looking for durability and comfort. This latex also promises good health with active temperature regulation throughout.

2: The memory foam

Memory foams are a popular choice of foam mattresses these days as well. This foam is made out of combination of polyurethane foam with a mix of chemicals to provide it firmness. The main purpose of memory foam is to shift shape and adjust to the desired posture of the user.

  • Feel
    As the main purpose of this mattress is to adjust according to the needs of the user, it is designed to feel supremely comfortable. It is made to offer maximum pressure relief from a physical perspective.
  • Durability
    If you are willing to invest in a mattress that will last around 3-4 years before the quality begins to deteriorate, this mattress is ideal. However, for longer durability the memory foam can lack in quality.

Basic differences between Latex and Memory Foam

If we take a general quick overview of latex VS memory foam mattress, here are the basic differences between the two that are impossible to go unnoticed.If we talk about pressure relief, memory foam wins over latex.

  1. Latex is a good choice if you want to ensure that mattress comes with temperature regulation.
  2. Support that latex mattress offers is unbeatable. Memory foam falters in this respect.
  3. As far as durability of materials is concerned, latex is more long-term and durable as compared to standard memory foam.
  4. Motion transfer stands out for memory foam and lacks in latex.

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