Mattress Sizes, Comparisons and Dimensions Guide

We all know that buying the best mattress is not easy and simple as it appears to be. The most common mistake that new mattress buyers tend to make is buying a mattress that is way too small in its size. This mistake is not new but rather much common and people tend to make it for the following two reasons mostly.

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions Guide

Mattress Sizes/Dimensions Comparison

  1. People lack the experience to buy a worthy mattress.
  2. People do not have theadequate knowledge they should have about mattress size and dimensions.

If you have been living your entire life up till now as a single that sleeps on a twin mattress is not likely to understand the essence of having a full double mattress for two people or more. This is why when most newly married couples shop for new mattresses; they wrongly guess the space they will need to sleep. As a result of all this, it is only understandable that people make the wrong pick. This is why we have devised a detailed size and dimension guide for our customers to help them understand the basic sizes and measurements of mattresses in a better way.

Mattress sizes and dimensions guide: Type of bedding

In order to understand the size and dimensions, you should first recognize the type of bedding there is available for people these days. The type of bedding that you will have as an option to choose from include

  • Crib mattress: This mattress is meant for a newborn to toddler and fits into the crib that majority of parents brings in for their little babies. The measurements of a crib mattress are around 27” by 52”.
  • Twin mattress: The twin is a single and possibly the smallest size mattress that is available for fully grown adults. This mattress is mostly 75 inches in length and 38 inches in width.
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  • Twin XL mattress: The twin XL mattress is the same as twin mattress with a width of 38 inches. The only difference between twin to twin XL is the length which is 5 inches longer.
  • Full sized mattress: The full size is also known as a double mattress and is mostly used by a couple. The width of the double mattress is 53 inches and length is 75 inches.
  • Queen mattress: The queen mattress offers a lot more comfort and ease and is slightly bigger than an average double bed. The dimensions for queen mattress are 60” by 80”.
  • King size mattress: The king sized mattress is possible the biggest mattress size that is available for people to choose these days. This gigantic mattress fits into a specific bed type and measures around 76 inches by 80 inches.

Pick Mattress sizes and dimensions guide accordingly:

Even if you are not aware of the sizes and dimensions in numeric, it is still ideal to have a basic understanding the size. This is because it will help you to pick the mattress that suits your purpose of use the best. The price range may also vary according to mattress size.

Final words: Mattress Sizes/Dimensions

The purpose of designing this brief mattress sizes and dimensions comparative guide was to help all customers recognize the basic types, size, and styles of mattresses. The importance of a good mattress is undeniable in our lives and therefore it is crucial to invest in the perfect one.

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